EQUIPPED TO LIVE: Introduction

Equipped to Live

Much of my work revolves around coaching leaders to excellence in their work and ministries for the church. However, I also coach people toward wellness, and yes, I am a pastor. I have done much life-coaching over the years and find that many people are not equipped to live. Don’t get me wrong, many people function reasonably well in their day to day lives—working, going to higher education classes, parenting, interacting with family and friends, and spending time with social networking. After all of that activity however, many feel empty and ill-equipped to live. Even many Christians fall short of the ideal set before us by Christ when he offered a utopian goal:

I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. John 10:10

Are you equipped to live from that point of view? Even if you are a Christian, you may discover that you are not equipped to live.


In this series we will explore the vast emptiness many feel today that confounds us—feeling alone in a crowded world, reactionary living amid constant change, why many of our relationships increase the chaos, and how in our desire to find solitude we often find only isolation. Nuclear cohesive families once prepared people with many of the personal life skills needed to thrive, but now many seem content only to survive. One goal of coaching from my perspective is to help you to do much more than survive. I want you to become discontented with just surviving and coping, but instead I want you to thrive and succeed.


The goal of this series then is to motivate you to not only reach higher but to know what to do once you get there. I confess that I do not have all of the answers, so we will learn together as we progress. That also is consistent with my philosophy of coaching. While I employ effective coaching models, I view coaching as a co-active partnership. OK, I realize that until you officially hire me as your coach, ours is not really a co-active relationship, but for this series to be effective it is needful that I communicate as if we do have a co-active coaching relationship. Here are some possible subjects for upcoming articles:

  • Finding the leader within
  • Unleashing your passion
  • Facing yourself in the mirror
  • Surrounding yourself with people
  • Using a better decision-making process
  • Defining who will go along
  • Investing for ROI…and legacy
  • Dealing with the “A” word
  • Measuring how you are doing
  • Diagnosing your three realms of wellness
  • Refusing failure

Coaching is like life…they are a process that is best done with a partner. I have not already written the articles proposed above, so I invite you to join with me. Offer comments and interactions. As much as possible, I will respond to the comments.

Last year one of my favorite authors and leaders wrote a book in which he truly engaged his audience in a way I hope to herein. As John Maxwell wrote the book Everyone Communicates, Few Connect, he posted each chapter as he wrote them and invited readers to comment. He used those comments as he eventually wrote the book and gave credit to those who had commented and shaped his thinking for the final product. I was one of those whose name is listed in the back of John Maxwell’s book as a contributor. He not only communicated but he also connected. That is what I hope to achieve in the upcoming articles as you are equipped to live!

Please invite others to join our conversation on the RENOVA Coaching blog.


  1. Do you feel you are truly equipped to really LIVE? Why or why not?
  2. Are you living the “abundant” life?
  3. When friends inquire about finding “life-balance,” what do your recommend?
  4. Have you found yourself repeating the same king of life mistakes as related to relationships, finances, and …(you fill in the blank)
  5. What title would you add to the list of proposed articles for this series?

Dr. Tom Cocklereece is the author of Simple Discipleship: How to Make Disciples in the 21st Century which was published and released by Church Smart Resources in November 2009. It is not a self-published book. To learn more about Simple Discipleship and to order the book, follow the link below:



Dr. Tom Cocklereece is CEO of RENOVA Coaching and Consulting, LLC

Author “Simple Discipleship,” contributing writer L2L Blogazine
He is a pastor, an author, professional coach, and leadership specialist

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Author, John Maxwell Team Coach-Teacher-Speaker, VP of Leadership & Development at Sales Concepts, Inc in Roswell, GA; CEO of RENOVA Coaching and Consulting; interested in transformational leadership and coaching. Doctorate in Leadership and Administration and Certified Life Breakthrough Coach Trainer,

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