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Leading feels like the “blue crush” of an ocean wave. To some it is a vision of being alone and with the constant threat of being crushed by the weight of responsibilities, obligations, and expectations of others. To others it is an exhilarating, wonderful, and desirable experience. Like the proverbial surfer in search of the next wave, some leaders can’t wait to get out there again. I offer one free consultation to discuss how you may benefit through coaching. Email me at drthomreece@bellsouth.net and include your contact information. I possess an earned doctoral degree in Leadership and Administration and am a member of the International Coach Federation.

RENOVA NeXt WaVe Coaching

We want to help you catch the next wave, but we will also help you rekindle the desire to be the leader you were intended to be. We only do values-based coaching and we will not tell you what you want to hear, but we will challenge you with what you need to hear and how you need to change. We will invest in you but you have to take the first step to invest in yourself. We do face to face coaching and we provide distance coaching using GoToMeeting. ALL SESSIONS ARE PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL! Here are some key reasons to seek NeXt WaVe Leadership Coaching:

  • Are you starting in a new leadership position? We will help you onboard and get up to speed in your first 100 days.
  • Are you experiencing pressures resulting to the position outgrowing your leadership skills? We will help you establish and complete a 90 day plan toward greater effectiveness.
  • Are you feeling defeated, pressured, and out of life-balance? We will help you establish renewed balance with life domains such as spiritual life, work/ministry, family/home, financial life, and so on.

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To Contact Us:

Dr. Tom Cocklereece

Email: tom@renovacoaching.com

Our partner link is http://www.simplediscipleship.com where you may purchase Tom’s book titled, Simple Discipleship: How to Make Disciples in the 21st Century published by Church Smart Resources in 2009. The book will help leaders shape their disciple-making ministries, but it also includes revolutionary christian life and leadership coaching resources. ORDER NOW!

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