Leadership Coaching

Do you want to get ready for a new challenge in your work and career? Has your position outgrown you? Have you become concerned that others are questioning your performance? I can work with you to develop a plan and help you stay motivated.

I employ a coaching method that is called values-based renewal coactive coaching. Let’s break it down so you will understand how each principle will help you:

  • Values-based: I believe you do what you really believe. People rarely maintain behaviors that are based on extrensic or aspired values. These are values an individual does not possess, has to work at, or wish he possessed. I will help you identify and differentiate between your various values and craft a plan to encourage change.
  • Renewal: Change is difficult but it can be achieved. The process will move you through stages of change. You will recognize patterns, both positive and negative, confront reality of your change killers, and move you to the point of sustainable renewal.
  • Coactive: I respect you and your intelligence. We will collaborate to develop a renewal plan that works for you. We become accountability partners to help you achieve goals that you set for yourself.
I use face-to-face meetings in the metro-Atlanta area. If you are outside of the metro-Atlanta area, I use Skype and/or teleconferencing for our sessions. Imagine a better future…contact me.
Let’s get started!
Dr. Tom Cocklereece
Author and Leadership Specialist
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