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ImageThe title of this article includes two popular keywords for our time—leadership and coaching. However, these are more than keywords. Imagine how a few sessions of targeted leadership coaching could change your career. Here are some possibilities:

  • Raise your personal expectations. Linda did not see herself as a leader and said she did not want to be a leader. The fact was that she was a highly influential sales leader in her company and other sales personnel sought her out for advice. After just one session of coaching, Linda saw herself as an influencer. She finally understood that leadership is influence, pure and simple.
  • Make the most of your potential. Consider Susan, a certified medical assistant. She has no college degree but with leadership coaching, she has worked her way to become a respected supervisor of forty other personnel. She is making more than $65,000.00 which is far above the average for non-college grads.
  • Overcome weaknesses and magnify strengths. Consider Sean, a young engineering college graduate with mild asperger disorder who wants no special considerations. The focus was on his leadership strengths and weaknesses as well as improving his relational skills. Coaching enabled him to land a new job that fit his situation while maximizing his leadership potential.
  • Move ahead of your competitors. Like it or not, you are in competition with your coworkers for promotions and positions. Your leadership skills or lack thereof may be the deciding factor in your opportunities. Rudy had just started work at a new company with several other individuals. He soon discovered that the new company planned to promote one of the new hires into a supervisory position. Rudy had hired a leadership coach several months before he started his new job. Before he completed his first 90 days, he was promoted to the supervisor position. Leadership coaching made the difference!


Leadership coaching is a form of what is often called executive coaching which focuses on “C” level leaders of companies. However, leadership coaching is for anyone who wants to maximize their opportunities across a range of careers, businesses, non-profits, and volunteer agencies. As a professional leadership coach, I have an earned doctorate in leadership and am certified by the John Maxwell Team as an independent coach, teacher, and speaker. I use several key assessments to develop a targeted coaching plan that is customized for you. Leadership coaching sessions may be done in person, telephone, or using Skype.


The cost for leadership coaching usually ranges from a low of $500 to a high of $1,154 per session! However, RENOVA Coaching offers professional leadership coaching at a rate of between $240 and $300 per 45 minute session. RENOVA Coaching offers several programs of coaching to fit the needs of leaders and managers at all levels:

Level 1


This leadership program allows you to complete our exclusive leadership assessment, receive a report and one 45 minute session of coaching. The low rate for executive leadership coaching is $500.00, so at $274.00, this is a real opportunity!

Level 2


This leadership program is a rapid improvement coaching program with only 4 sessions. Dr. Tom Cocklereece will coach you to get back on track and develop a sustainable leadership development plan. You will experience rapid leadership improvement after your 4 weeks or you will receive a refund. Total = $996

We offer two additional levels at a reasonable fee. Contact us for more information to get on the leadership path. Contact Tom Cocklereece at



Are you an influential person at work? Do coworkers come to you for advice? What will be the difference in your opportunities if you hire a leadership coach? Are you coachable? Would you invest at least $274 in yourself to receive a return of thousands of dollars?


Dr. Tom Cocklereece is CEO of RENOVA Coaching and Consulting, LLC
He is a pastor, author, professional coach, leadership specialist, and is

a member Coach/Teacher/Speaker for the John Maxwell Team

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